We make high-quality,
low-maintenance software.
Betoola provides custom software development and IT consulting services.
We believe that great software products not only satisfy the original requirements, but are also maintainable in the long run and do not add the burden of legacy to the business. At the same time, we strive for trusting, long-term relationships with our clients.
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Backend development
We design and develop web services, with a specialty in finance technologies.
Our standard technology stack is Java, Spring Boot, Docker, Gradle, OpenAPI.
Advanced currency exchange module for Moneff
The company faced a challenge with their manual back-office process for currency exchange. The primary objective was to introduce a robust and automated solution without disrupting the ongoing operations.

Our approach involved several key steps:
  • We formalized the existing business flow and researched the APIs of several currency exchange providers;
  • We designed and implemented a new business process that would combine the existing business flow with the capabilities of available currency exchange providers.
We delivered automated and manual exchange order execution with a choice between fixed and floating sides for orders, a back office UI for monitoring and manual order execution, and advanced treasury management.
We develop reliable web applications with modern technologies.
Our standard technology stack is React, TypeScript, GraphQL Apollo, React Testing Library.
Back office portal for Global Fashion Group
Global Fashion Group (GFG) is a multi-national e-commerce platform.

The existing seller center portal was burdened by high maintenance costs and inadequate UX. The process of hiring and onboarding new team members was slow due to the outdated technology stack.

Together with GFG engineers, our team embarked on a comprehensive solution:
  • We delivered essential features in the new user interface to modernize the seller center portal;
  • We transitioned the product from server-side rendering to client-side rendering;
  • We created a single API gateway, enhancing system efficiency.
We do business analysis and software design to solve our customers' problems.
Some examples of what we have accomplished:
Architecture design of Mastercard integration for Moneff
The challenge for Moneff, a UK-based electronic money institution, was to offer multi-currency debit cards to their clients while avoiding double currency conversion fees. This ability was seen as a crucial competitive advantage for the client company.

We helped Moneff enhance the core payments and ledger modules and design the card operations. This took into account:
  • Mastercard requirements on transaction authorisation deadlines;
  • Multi-currency operations;
  • EMI regulations, money safeguarding.

We delivered a sustainable system design.
Our Approach
There are several thousand software development companies in Europe. Chances are, some of them have contacted you before, and you have seen dozens of websites similar to ours.
What makes Betoola different?
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    Small scale, high quality
    Our compact team structure allows for efficient communication with our clients, rapid decision-making and quick responding to changes. Furthermore, we closely monitor the quality at every project to ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards.
  • 2
    Win-win attitude
    We believe that a lasting relationship with a client should be based on long-term value and trust, not on vendor lock-in. We are focused on delivering software that will be reliable and maintainable even when the contract with us is over. We achieve this with high code quality, practical documentation, and knowledge sharing.
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    Supportive culture
    We provide a comfortable working environment so that our colleagues can focus on what they do best. We prioritize work-life balance and promote open but respectful communication. It is always possible to come to the management with a request or just for a friendly conversation.
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