Vacancy: Senior Java Developer
We are a software company in search of a skilled software engineer. We are committed to creating high-quality, low-maintenance software, and we build good long-term relationships with our customers and colleagues. Our headquarters is in Italy, and most of our employees work remotely.

Now we are looking for a senior backend developer that will join us, starting with the project of our long-term client, Global Fashion Group (GFG); and continuing with other company's projects, both internal and external.
About the client and the current project
— GFG is a group of fashion e-commerce platforms, operating in 17 counties. All the regions are using a common back-office platform, Seller Center, which you'll be developing.
— Sellers operating on GFG platforms use Seller Center to manage orders, promotions, consignment, reporting and analytics. Team you'll be joining is developing and maintaining it.
— You will build and maintain scalable features by contributing to the codebase on a daily basis.
— You will support a test-driven development culture in the team with aiming at a very high coverage.
— You will share your knowledge with the team and do regular code review.
About your hard skills
— Solid Computer Science fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, design patterns)
— Solid knowledge of Java, Spring Boot, OpenAPI, Git, Maven, Docker and some testing framework
— Solid experience with Postgres
— Experience in building microservices, ideally deployed in Docker containers on Kubernetes
— Experience with using a message queue (we use Amazon SQS)
— Experience in developing and running large-scale production environments closely with DevOps/SRE
— English language: B2 (spoken and written)
— Russian language: native or C1

— DevOps experience or the willingness to get it
— AWS experience
— GitHub Actions
— Exposure to e-commerce environments
— Italian language knowledge
What kind of person we are looking for
Soft skills are important for us, as they make the work experience better for you and your teammates. We're looking for someone who:

Is responsible. For instance, can take on the development of a week-sized task and deliver it on time, without external supervision. Your team will help you, but you're the one in charge.
Is punctual. We have a strict minimum of reporting, but we want it to be done timely. We minimize the amount of meetings, but everybody should be on time.
Is accurate. Attention to details is important to us. We like clean code, well-written docs and attention to what one's committing to the repository.
Is proactive. We appreciate your input, especially when it exposes issues with requirements, processes and team interactions.
Learns from mistakes. We don't want the same issues occurring over and over.
What we offer
— Full-time employment
— Fully remote work
— Salary in euro, €4500–€6500
— 20 working days of paid vacation + 13 holidays (you can pick the dates)
— Required hardware and software
— Friendly environment, direct and clear feedback from your managers, ability to influence team processes

Registration as a sole entrepreneur or self-employed person will be required. Relocation may be considered after 6 months of working together.
Interview structure
You can choose between paid homework and some live coding with us (the task will be the same). There are 3 interviews in the process: homework review or live coding, soft skills interview, and design interview. We usually combine all three to save time.

We'll let you know our decision the next working day after the interviews and provide feedback even if we don't proceed with an offer.
Get in touch! Send your resume to:
Betoola s.r.l.
viale Sabotino 8/B
Mantova, MN, 46100, Italy
CF/P.IVA 02595650207
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